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Long Term Sustainable Transformation

Welcome to the LEADERSHIP@VANTAGE website and Sponsorship page. We appreciate your support!

The link below enables you to sponsor groups of students over extended periods of time! The link here enables you to make other contributions.

Feel free to also visit our LEADERSHIP@VANTAGE page with more information regarding our work and visit our FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn pages for stories from our students regarding our impact.

Let's transform Africa...Together!

Contribute to a Transformational Center which is a house with renting and training facilities where 50% of the annual rental income will be used for maintenance and 50% to train the top students of the top African schools (125 000 students every 5 years and 1 million students in the next 40 years) over extended periods of time . We are using digital platforms to unite upcoming leaders from different countries in virtual classrooms.  

Payment options:

  • Once of contribution of R3.500.000.00 (U$250.000.00)
  • Once of contribution of:

R100.000.00 (U$7.070.00)

R500.000.00 (U$35.350.00)

R1.000.000.00 (U$70.700.00)

Continuous feedback and stories of transformation on the training of the group will be messaged during training, it will be available on our Facebook page and through generalized annual reports.

ZAR 3,500,000.00