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Long Term Sustainable Transformation

Contribute to a Transformational Center which is a house with renting and training facilities where 50% of the annual rental income will be used for maintenance and 50% to train the top students of the top African schools (125 000 students every 5 years and 1 million students in the next 40 years) over extended periods of time . We are using digital platforms to unite upcoming leaders from different countries in virtual classrooms.  

Payment options:

  • Once of contribution of R3.500.000.00 (U$250.000.00)
  • Once of contribution of:

R100.000.00 (U$7.070.00)

R500.000.00 (U$35.350.00)

R1.000.000.00 (U$70.700.00)

Continuous feedback and stories of transformation on the training of the group will be messaged during training, it will be available on our Facebook page and through generalized annual reports.