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Contribution to Individual Transformation (Contribute $5 or R50 to the training of a student) $5 or R50.00

Welcome to the LEADERSHIP@VANTAGE website and Sponsorship page. We appreciate your support!

The link below enables you to make a R50 or U$5 contribution. The link here enables you to make larger contributions.

Feel free to also visit our LEADERSHIP@VANTAGE page with more information regarding our work and visit our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages for stories from our students regarding our impact.

Let's transform Africa...Together!

Contribute U$5 or R50 to the training of a student (please contribute more than once and challenge your friends to do the same). 

Once we have received contributions from1875 people (funding for 25 students) we will start with training.

Continuous feedback and stories of transformation on the training of the group will be messaged during training, it will be available on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.